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NHSaves has tools, incentives and tips that will help you save energy, money and the environment.

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For Homes

NHSaves is passionate about helping New Hampshire residents save money through energy efficiency improvements at home. As a community, we have a growing need for energy saving solutions that benefit our wallets and our lifestyles, now and in the future.


Find out ways you can save more at home with energy efficient options, products and programs from NHSaves.

To learn about energy efficiency products and technologies, and all the ways you can save, visit our resource center.

For Businesses & Towns

NHSaves wants to help your business save energy, reduce costs, and protect the environment with cost effective solutions. When companies invest in energy efficiency, they improve their bottom lines, now and in the future.


See how much you could save at work with commercial, and municipal energy efficiency options and programs from NHSaves.

To learn about specific products and technologies that can help you save money and energy at work or in your town, visit our resource center.

Updated home energy audit application process! Save money and energy with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®.

Energy efficiency updates can help reduce costs and offer quality, comfort and increased value to your home. Calculate your home’s energy efficiency to see if your home qualifies.

Drive to Net Zero

Builders, architects and homeowners throughout the state are finding ways to build homes that produce more energy on site than they consume. The NHSaves Drive to Net Zero Home Competition is showcasing how net zero energy homes are not just environmentally conscious, but make a lot of economic sense.

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